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Custom Machining & Fittings Distribution

QMC TECHNOLOGIES, Inc - A Family Owned & Operated Company

QMC Technologies, Inc. began in 1976 as a machine shop providing high precision short run machining services for local industries in Western New York.

Each year QMC has expanded and increased its presence in the marketplace by providing to its customers the highest quality and excellent service.

QMC has focused its efforts and is concentrating on precision contract manufacturing in specific markets. The Stainless Steel Fittings, Custom Stainless Machining, and Stainless Steel Hitch Balls are major areas of concentration.

QMC has taken numerous steps aimed at improving the company's efficiency and the quality of its products.

These steps include:

  • The assembly of a new management team and the implementation of computerized production, inventory, and accounting systems.
  • A major shift in the manufacturing department to integrate enhanced techniques for process control.
  • Using SPC techniques to reduce scrap, increase throughput and reduce total cost of manufacture.
  • Company wide education and focus of all departments on total quality management.
  • The "QMC Team - Turning Toward the Future" mission statement involving all teammates.
  • Increased automation through innovation and modern equipment.

All of these changes are directed at making QMC a viable, long term competitor in the world market.

QMC Technologies, Inc. believes very strongly in technical, financial, business and moral excellence. To secure a stable future for all those connected with QMC Technologies, Inc. we have set the following long term goals:

We want to accelerate our growth and capture a larger percentage of specific stainless steel manufacturing business. We feel that QMC, with its high quality manufacturing, can capture a larger percentage of this sector.

Competitive Advantages

At QMC we have defined our mission. We believe that to be successful, our customers want to take advantage of the latest technologies to help them solve their productivity problems. Since 1976, in a partnership approach, we develop solutions to provide specific manufacturing solutions which provide to customers, contract manufactured products which are on-time and defect free.

QMC presently supplies precision machined parts using state-of-the art equipment under structured process environments. Our facility is world classand we have been placed in the top percentile by several of our major Fortune 1000 customers.

We provide to our customer the highest level of craftsmanship and quality and excellent service at a competitive price.

By contracting their requirements in a partnership arrangement, our customers avoid the direct costs of labor, material, & attendant overhead expenses required for plant, equipment, raw materials and finished goods inventories. Our customers have also found that their quality control costs have decreased since they began their partnership with QMC.

Custom CNC Precision Machining - Production Manufacturing


You operate in a fast paced, ever changing industry. Which means your application may require a change on your standard fitting or part. It may now require alterations or enhancements that allow it to be easily integrated into your current design with minimal cost increases. Combining the latest in tooling technology and innovation, our custom machining department has the capabilities to provide you with custom machined stainless steel fittings and parts without the long lead times or increased costs.

Our design verification service is centered on making sure that the changes made, do not negatively impact the overall design or effectiveness of your product. Our technical team will review your drawings and ensure that the new design or changes on your parts do not delay or set back your day to day operations at your facility. There is nothing worse than placing an order and realizing that your parts do not match up upon delivery. Our service curbs that at the forefront of your order.


Every single one of our machines utilizes every function to optimize performance and create your custom parts quickly without compromising quality or increasing your costs. Our team's exceptional quality standards are designed to lower your overall costs - from ordering to quality assurance, into implementation and beyond.

By partnering with QMC you will receive rapid response quoting on all orders, fast replies to any and all inquiries, products that exceed your quality expectations & a promise to lower your overall costs. Don't trade quality for cost or vise versa. Receive both with QMC without compromising either one.

You can learn more about our machining division at QMC Technologies, Inc here.

You can also send an inquiry to sales@qmctechnologies.com.



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